The Brown Eyed Dreamer

'Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.' William Wordsworth

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Exam Season

This time of year resonates with
Scurrying pens scraping across empty pages
Hot tears running down tired, furtive faces
Sighs raining down on the silence that laces
Through lines of school-kids fighting for places
In cold libraries and musky study rooms.

All along it seems they taught us
Lessons on how to be afraid,
Because hopes and dreams don’t matter
If you haven’t got the grades;
But I swear to you it’s different
Their theory’s obsolete,
You are an actual person-
Not just letters on a sheet.

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The First Night

All I can remember of those rooms,
Was a haze that fell along the walls,
And laughter that rose and fell like
Confetti bursts at the final bell toll.
I remember smiles wide as sunlight,
And kisses from foreign, familiar faces-
Promises that friendships made
Would not be forgotten.

But most of all I remember
The soft, sweet certainty that
Told me even if every other night
Of these 365 memories is laced
With bittersweet regret;
This night would remain the beacon
Of a beautiful,
New Year.

Morning all! This post was quickly scribbled about five minutes ago as I’m walking to work so I apologise in advance if it makes no sense. 2013 for me was a wonderful year, and I was fortunate enough to spend the transition into 2014 with some of my most favourite people.
In regards to 2014, I can only hope it brings me good music, good food and good memories with the very best friends. I hope you all had a fantastic New Year and that this year will be the very best yet. Have a wonderful day!