The Brown Eyed Dreamer

'Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.' William Wordsworth

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Cries of a Traveller’s Heart

If I stand too still for too long, I can hear the whisper of the world,
The softened hush of lands undiscovered and stories untold
Begging me to leave behind my life and run away.
If I pause even momentarily, I can see in the back of my mind,
The daring adventure of sunsets to see and people to find
And I smile slowly to myself- ‘One day.’

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He Came Down (A Story of Love)

Years ago He came down, a man,
Here to rid the world of a darkness 
That spread like poison through the veins of the streets.
He came down to remind us of 
The beauty of life
The wonder of love;
To show us the world He had created
To show us the world He could save.

But in the darkest nights of mankind 
Love; love seemed like a lost idea for 
Blood had been spilled and men had been killed.
The world was in ruins- or so it seemed.

Years ago He came down, a man,
Knowing that if He wanted to save them
Someone had to die.
So He came down and He gave to us
The ultimate sacrifice of life for 
The ultimate show of love;
To show us the world He had created
To show us the world He would save.

And on the day He rose again
Sunlight danced like children around his figure,
Eyes widened in awe and disbelief
And a thousand hallelujah’s echoed from lips
‘Thank you, Son of God; Hallelujah!’
In scattered gratitude at His feet.
For we had seen the world He had created,
And from His love, the world was saved.