The Brown Eyed Dreamer

'Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.' William Wordsworth


When It All Began

I can still remember that night as if it only just happened. You called me to come up to your house  after everyone had left, and I snuck out with my dog, claiming I was taking him for a walk.

Shivering from the cold, I stood and waited outside your house for you to come out, and when you appeared at the door, I just about fought the urge to break into a huge smile. When you came outside, you instantly noticed I was cold and wrapped your arms around me to stop me from shivering so much. I leaned into you, letting your arms wrap around me and burying my face into the soft scent of your hoody. And we stood there hugging in the cold autumn air, my dog sniffing absent-mindedly at our feet.

Eventually you broke the silence. ‘Remember that Thursday, you said I had to tell you if I ever liked you again?’

I nodded, my head still resting on your chest. “Yeah?’ I replied questioningly, unable to keep the shakiness out of my voice from the cold and the growing butterflies thundering inside me.

‘Well… I like you.’

I broke apart from you slightly, far enough so I could look up into your eyes.Up into those bright blue eyes I’d been daydreaming about for months. Up at you, the boy who had been my 11:11 wish, my last thought at night, my reason for smiling. The boy who had just uttered the three words I’d been waiting years to hear. I looked up at you, and then without a thought, I leaned in and I kissed you.

A short kiss, a sweet kiss. A kiss that threatened to make the butterflies explode from my chest and fill the sky like confetti. A kiss that took my breath away and left my body melting into yours. A kiss that sent a ricochet of goosebumps dancing down my spine. A kiss that whispered a thousand secrets and screamed ‘finally!’ into the crisp night sky.

We broke apart slowly, eyes locked. And I couldn’t keep the smile from escaping my lips this time as I stared at you giving me the same goofy smile back. Such a perfect smile, this time directed at me. Me. You like me.

‘Well it’s a good thing I like you back then, isn’t it?’

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Sleepy Eyes

We were all sharing a bed, trying vaguely to fall asleep. Everyone else seemed alive, but I was slowly fading, and my eyes were becoming heavier with every second. So tired from staying up all night, I allowed my head to droop down and lean against whatever it fell. It happened to fall on your chest, finding the nook in your neck that was so comfortable to lie in. I snuggled in, my sleepiness ensuring that I felt no embarrassment. And instead of pulling away, you acted in a way which surprised me, but was exactly what I was hoping for.

Your arm curled round my back, pulling me in closer, a knight protecting his princess. Your hand found its way around my waist, your fingers placed lightly on my hips. I curled into you, allowing myself to get as close as possible. Your fingers traced circles on my hips, resting delicately as feathers on my skin. I placed my hand on your chest, and your hand touched mine. A quick brush of fingers, a thousand butterflies waking up and exploding inside me. Looking up at you with sleepy eyes and a small smile, I realised your expression mirrored mine.  And in that moment, I knew this summer would be one to remember.