The Brown Eyed Dreamer

'Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.' William Wordsworth

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Exhaustion has shrouded my figure, frail
With the weight of a thousand sighs
And the vague uncertainty that this
Tidal wave of reality may drown me.
Days like this I crave the feeling of
Curling up in the crook of your arm,
Getting lost in the maze of our interlocked fingers;
I’d rather swim in the pool of my own mind,
Dive through the depths of my daydreams
But instead I lie alone in the night
Submerged in the silence surrounding.

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Advice for Lost and Lonely Souls

If you ever feel sad turn your head to the sea;
Feel the morning breeze lace through your hair
Let problems slip like sand through open palms
And let the ocean’s cool, frothy fingertips
Caress your cheek and calmly, gently,
Carry your troubles away from shore.
If you ever feel lost bury your head in a book;
Fill your nose with the musty scent of yellowed pages,
Run your fingers along loved and weathered spines,
And swim deep down in a pool of words
To lands where adventure awaits you,
And lets you disappear.
If you ever feel empty fill your head with music;
Feel the melodies cascade across your bruised skin,
Let sweet serenades seal the cracks within your soul
And follow those soft, hopeful rhythms
With eyes closed and ears wide open;
Teach your heart to beat again.